Notes about this page.

​More than any other part of this website, this page will reflect the clearinghouse value of the entire site.  It will be in this part of the site that one can find out basic information about all the other clubs in the network.  And, nobody has to be a "member" of the network to see this information or benefit from it.  

Are you a traveling birder who wants to find out whether a club near where you will be is going to have a club meeting, field trip, or other event when you will be traveling there?  I envision having this information available through a searchable database populated by the clubs that are members of the network.  

Want to develop a relationship with clubs in a particular country in the hemisphere?  I envision that you could search for clubs in a particular geographic location.

Are you an eduator who wants to start a pen-pal or class-to-class experience?  I want to set this up so you can find a potential sister club here.  

Examples of how clubs might find a sister club.

After uing the search tool to find a club in a given location or of a particular type (e.g., youth or adult), someone seeking addition information about potential sister clubs might:

  • View that club's website
  • Check out the club's Facebook page
  • Ask to join the club's Google Group or discussion forum

Real-life user experiences.

Here I envision brief stories written by users about how they've used this information and what positive outcomes came from using the information.